About Us

A little bit about how The WagBar came to be and what we're trying to do.

In 2019 two life-long friends, REW and John, began the journey of creating a beef snack that was both delicious and healthy. They wanted it to appeal to adults and kids, athletes and weekend warriors, outdoor enthusiasts and gamers, and anyone looking for a great snack.

It took over a year to perfect the recipes, the cooking processes, and the consistency they desired. Once satisfied with the outcome, they began to establish a retail footprint.

In January 2021, the guys began marketing The WagBar through social media and selling online. The online sales have continued to grow month over month and now exceed retail sales. REW and John are deeply committed to helping feed those in need. They have partnered with local and international not for profit organizations to facilitate this passion. It is due to this commitment that every bar has “Beef with Purpose.”

Our number one priority is to create a delicious snack for folks that is also convenient and healthy. We want to provide our customers with a consistent flavor they can count on with every order. We want to take every opportunity to engage with our customers. A company must know and understand their customer in order to cater to their need.

Since our start, The WagBar has donated cases of meat bars to Iron Gate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding the homeless in Tulsa, Oklahoma, near our main ranch. Meat normally requires refrigeration and has narrow expiration windows, but The WagBar is shelf-stable and versatile. Iron Gate can use The WagBar for cooking in the soup kitchen and as a healthy, sustainable part of its pantries.