We put the American in American Wagyu Beef

You've probably heard of Wagyu beef before, but it's unlikely you've ever tasted it.
If you're curious, please read on!

Wagyu is a particular breed of cattle that originated in Japan. It has developed a reputation for being the finest beef available worldwide. Wagyu beef is exceptionally marbled, which provides the beef with its buttery taste.

This marbling also melts slightly below body temperature, so you have this melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The drawback to having this intense marbling is found in the texture of the beef. Wagyu beef has a very soft "bite."

Now here's the Prime Plus Wagyu difference, we cross the Wagyu breed with the Angus breed and get American Wagyu Beef. This gives our beef the traditional texture of Angus beef but with a buttery taste. It is absolutely the best of both worlds.

And to top it off, our beef is healthy too! It has a higher ratio of mono-unsaturated fat (the good fat) and a higher concentration of beneficial Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.